Introducing Roundstone University

Roundstone is launching an educational program this winter, focused on helping advisors develop a deep understanding of the captive funding approach. Attendees will take away the latest strategies available to assist their clients with captive solutions. The training will be offered in-person several times throughout the year at Roundstone’s soon-to-be headquarters in Lakewood, Ohio. Online webinars will also be available regularly to make the training accessible to everyone.

“It all goes back to our core values,” says Roundstone President Mike Schroeder. “Intellectual Curiosity is important to our business model. We want to work with advisors that are hungry for more information and willing to learn about better ways of doing things. The information presented will set the advisor attendees apart from the rest of the broker market.”

Roundstone plans on introducing a variety of topics of interest to Advisors, including:

  • Overcoming Variable Cost Objections
  • High ROI Cost Containment Strategies
  • Provider Sponsored Health Plans
  • Overcoming Voluntary Benefits Roadblocks

The new series will begin with a webinar later in the year. Stay tuned for more information.