Captive Insurance Programs

Captive Insurance Program Development

...Why doesn't everyone do it?

Specialty insurance is the most profitable segment of the insurance industry, with successful programs affording participants the opportunity to receive significant financial reward. Even so, there is a reason why everyone isn't entering the insurance market. Many reasons, actually. An insurance program is actually a complex combination of considerations, each with the power to make or break the successful outcome of the program. It may not always be evident which issues or considerations are important and/or require a unique approach. Depending on the type of program, there is any number of key disciplines with the potential to open the door to profits for a multi-million dollar insurance program, including: claim management, distribution, reinsurance and/or underwriting. Making sure your program is built with the critical ingredients to maximize potential requires a partner that:

  • Has done it before successfully;
  • Maintains the in-house expertise across all insurance functions;
  • Values service as much as you do.


How difficult will it be?

Thanks to our years of experience, Roundstone has been able to streamline the program design process, offering our clients a simple, straightforward package. Whether it's our ready-to-use captive facility, customized market submission or our ready-to-deploy program agreements, Roundstone has the foundation from years of program development to make the process easy for you.

We have taken this proven, all-inclusive approach and created our turnkey Captive8 Insurance Program. Captive8 is Roundstone's exclusive process for developing a comprehensive specialty insurance program maximized for success. Click here to take advantage of the Roundstone experience.

How much will it cost?

If you've done your research, you know that many other firms charge guaranteed up-front fees, while your profits are dependent on the success of your specialty insurance program. Unlike those other firms, Roundstone turns risk into reward because we have a vested interest in the success of your plan. We don't charge any up-front fees. Rather, when your specialty insurance program is delivered, Roundstone is paid a management fee on the premium earnings. Roundstone's success is tied directly to yours, and our approach to compensation establishes an alignment of interests that encourages the successful design and development of your specialty insurance program.

No up-front fees, and a simple, straightforward process.
Why not give Captive8 a try today?