Captive Insurance Programs

Large Deductible Captive (DRP)

Program Summary:   

A Large Deductible Captive Program that will smooth the peaks and valleys of corporate insurance expense. The DRP offers the opportunity to reduce third party insurance costs by capturing investment and underwriting income. Without a DRP captive, losses are not expensed until the claim is paid.

Program Benefits:
  • Reduce third party insurance expenses
  • Smooth cyclical insurance premiums
  • Accelerate premium expense deduction for losses within deductible
  • Exert control over claim services and proactive risk management practices
  • Realize underwriting and investment income
  • Leverage captive assets to insurer other lines within business

Organizational Structure: 

Program administered by Roundstone. The Insured funds the required premium and collateral on a quarterly basis according to loss development modeling. Insured retains 100% of risk in the self insured layer.  Large Deductible policy is purchased through standard insurance market.


Program Eligibility:
  • Ability to fund deductible exposure
  • Strong desire to retain a portion of own risk
  • Proactive claims and loss control interest

Broker Information:

Commission negotiable

Proposed Policy Form(s):

ISO based

States Available:



Program Participant assumes 100% of risk in the self-insured layer. Specific and Aggregate Reinsurance are placed according to program design.

Submission Requirements:

Three (3) years or more of premium and loss history

Copy of current policies
Current financial statements
Program Questions:

Roundstone Management, Ltd.
27887 Clemens Road, Suite 1, Westlake, OH 44145
Phone:  440-617-0333

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