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Roundstone Holds First Medical Captive Forum for Customers

September 1, 2015


Roundstone Management, Ltd. held its first Medical Captive Forum on August 26 and 27. Over sixty of Roundstone’s customers and brokers attended an educational conference focused on managing health care costs.

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Roundstone & Columbus Chamber of Commerce Launch Innovative Group Insurance Captive in Ohio

March 19, 2015


Roundstone Management, Ltd. and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce announce an exclusive captive partnership to offer self-funded health plans to employers with 20-500 employees in Ohio. 


“The partnership will help us bring more value to our members here in Central Ohio,” said Michael Dalby, CEO of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, “it’s offerings like this that give small and medium-sized businesses the support they need to grow and thrive.”

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Roundstone's President, Mike Schroeder, contributor to Captive Insurance Times in the Evolution of a Captive Manager

February 2015


Roundstone's President, Michael Schroeder, explains how and why Roundstone first entered the captive market, and what shaped it into the established industry name today.


"We thought other insurance programmes could equally benefit from a captive insurance
facility that didn’t take more than a year and a couple hundred thousand to form. Helping
other captive participants in the market avoid some of the mistakes we made over the past
two years, while offering a well-managed, turnkey, flexible captive facility, sounded like
a good strategy."

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Roundstone's President, Mike Schroeder, featured in Captive Insurance Times

November 21, 2014


Setting up a captive insurance programme primarily for tax purposes could get owners and managers into serious trouble, according to president of Roundstone Insurance, Michael Schroeder.


These comments follow in the wake of news that, as of fiscal year 2015, Healthcare Services Group (HSG) will transition its workers’ compensation and certain employee health and welfare insurance programmes to HCSG Insurance, its wholly owned captive insurance subsidiary.

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Roundstone & Las Vegas Metro Chamber Launch Innovative Group Insurance Captive in Nevada

November 3, 2014


Roundstone Management, Ltd. and the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce announce the Chamber Group Captive, an exclusive captive partnership to offer self-funded health plans to small and mid-sized employers in Southern Nevada.  The Chamber Group Captive will be part of the Metro Chamber’s growing marketplace, a private health insurance exchange for its members and their employees. 

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Primacare Direct Launches Innovative Healthcare Insurance Approach, Partners with Roundstone

September 26, 2014


PrimaCare Direct, the nation’s largest Direct Primary Care (DPC) network, launched an innovative healthcare delivery solution that enables small to medium sized employers to dramatically reduce their health benefit costs.


The PrimaCare Direct Employer Captive is being managed and underwritten by Roundstone Management, Ltd. of Westlake, Ohio. Additional benefits of a group medical captive include transparency and control over claims, access to specialty service providers, inclusion of specialty clinic bundled rates along with reduced pharmaceutical costs, including rebates sent to the employers rather than insurance companies.

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Captive Review features Michael Schroeder's Latest Article, "Physicians Turn to Captive Solution"

September 2014


The September 2014 Captive Review Issue features Michael Schroeder's article, "Physicians Turn to Captive Solution." Mike explains why physicians are turning to captive solutions following the implementation of ACA.


"We should also be encouraged that physicians are innovating through captives, not just with their medical malpractice exposures but now with the financing of their care. If healthcare reform is encouraging physicians to form new healthcare financing mechanisms that offer objective and immediate feedback on quality care, we are starting to reach a shared objective."

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Captive Review Magazine Interviews Roundstone's Mike Schroeder

July 17, 2014


Captive Review interviewed Mike for his insight on Ohio passing captive legislation in the article, "Ohio Joins Club Captive" in the August 2014 Issue.


“My read on this is it is a regulatory resource decision – ‘we can get comfortable keeping our hands on a single parent transaction, a large deductible type programme, we feel we can financially keep an eye on that’. You start getting into things like agency captives and group captives and they just simply say they are not going to put the resources into keeping track of that.”

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Becker's Hospital Review features Michael Schroeder's Latest Article, "Healthcare Delivery and Its Financing Growing Closer"

June 17, 2014


The June 2014 Becker's Hospital Review Issue features Michael Schroeder's article, "Healthcare Delivery and Its Financing Growing Closer" and explains more about a market development that actually looks consistent with PPACA's objective of making healthcare delivery more efficient and less expensive.


"Healthcare reform is certainly receiving its share of abuse. Whether the conversation is local or national, private or public, one is sure to hear how the PPACA is nothing but bad news. Job destruction and the ruin of one's ability to direct personal healthcare are on the forefront of this criticism. Rarely do you hear a positive comment related to the law."

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Roundstone highlighted in Synergy Health Strategies Press Release; Roundstone VP David Konrad Quoted

May 1, 2014


Kalamazoo, MI: Employers with at least 25 employees will now be able to more effectively self-insure their group health insurance under the umbrella of a locally-forming captive.  Synergy Health Strategies, L.L.C. is partnering with nationally recognized Roundstone Management, Ltd. of Ohio to manage the group captive. 


Captives have been utilized by larger U.S. companies for decades to self-insure against multiple risks, but their use for health insurance by mid-sized employers is a relatively new phenomenon.  According to Roundstone’s David Konrad, “While we’ve been managing a very successful health insurance captive for 10 years, it wasn’t until the last two that interest has soared.  We’re seeing many companies take advantage of the increased control, transparency, risk sharing, and returns offered by a group captive.”

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Open Minds Article focuses on Roundstone and Nationwide partnership

October 22, 2013


The Open Minds article, "Nationwide Insurance Partners With Roundstone Management To Offer Self-Insured Employee Health Benefits," delves into our Mid-Market Med Medical Stop Loss Program.


"Nationwide Insurance, best known for its property and casualty insurance products, has contracted with Roundstone Management, Ltd. to market a stop-loss product for
small- to mid-size businesses seeking to offer self-insured employee health benefits, rather than purchase a group health insurance plan. Roundstone offers a product for
groups of multiple, related, or non-related organizations with between 50 to 1,000 employees each enabling the organizations to pool their risks above a self-insured
employer deductible."

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Roundstone in Forbes

September 23, 2013


The Forbes Magazine article, "While Health Insurers Sleep, Nationwide Enters Health Insurance Market," makes mention of the Roundstone managed captive. Roundstone will be the exclusive captive manager for the EHOP (Employer Health Ownership Plan).

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Roundstone President Michael Schroeder Interviewed by WorkCompCentral

April 11, 2013


Mike Schoeder was quoted in Concerns Mount over Ohio's Ballooning Self-Insured PEOs by David Dankwa of WorkCompCentral.

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Roundstone President Michael Schroeder in Business Insurance Magazine

March 10, 2013


Mike Schoeder was quoted in Medical Stop-loss Captives Make Self-funding Easier for Mid-market Firms by Joanne Wojcik of Business Insurance.

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Roundstone President Michael Schroeder's Article Wellness and ROI is featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine.

December 20, 2012


Learn how wellness provides a great opportunity for both employer and employee to work together and reduce health care expense for each.

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Roundstone Management, Ltd. and Nationwide Life Insurance Company Announce Managing General Underwriter Agreement

October 1, 2012


Roundstone Management and Nationwide Life Insurance Company are pleased to announce a new Managing General Underwriter Agreement effective October 1, 2012.


Through this agreement, Roundstone and Nationwide will focus on Group Captives and will be the only resource for a one-stop, complete, turnkey, group captive underwriting facility offering stop loss coverage. 

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Roundstone Managed West Virginia Workers' Compensation Consortium was selected by Risk and Insurance Magazine as 2012 Risk Innovator Winners: Construction

September 19, 2012


A group captive blazes a trail by proposing a model to put union contractors on an equal footing with nonunion competitors.

The consortium is managed by Roundstone Mgmt. Ltd. in Westlake Village, Ohio, and claims are managed by Wells Fargo. More than 30 members belong to the captive, up from the original 13.

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Roundstone's Proud Award Nominated Involvement with the West Virginia Workers' Compensation Consortium

September 17, 2012


Captive Review nominated the West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Consortium (WVWCC) for its 2012 Innovation in Captive Management Award and Group/Association Captive of the Year.   Roundstone is proud of its involvement in this insurance program partnership between labor and management. As the Captive Program Manager who developed and manages this very successful program from inception to its current roster of 32 members; we want to thank all the stakeholders for their commitment to safety and success. 

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Group Captive Looking Good as published in the Self Insured, August 2012 Issue

September 7, 2012


Recent news highlight court decisions, legislative action and market dynamics is providing a boost to the group captive insurance approach.

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