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Captive Insurance Programs -

Turning Risk Into Results...

Roundstone includes insurance professionals from a broad skill set including accounting, regulatory, actuarial, claims, risk management, underwriting and reinsurance. Their experience spans large multinational insurance organizations to start-up self insured entities. These professionals provide the necessary mix of creativity and practical know-how when confronting any insurance obstacle posed in today’s complex marketplace.

At Roundstone we design, implement and manage alternative market insurance solutions.

All of our services, including program development, captive management, reinsurance, claims management and capital participation are offered on an unbundled basis.

Our clients include groups, associations, actuaries, accountants, attorneys, businesses, insurers, risk managers, program administrators, consultants, brokers and other professionals in the insurance marketplace. Read on to find out just how we can help you by Turning Risk Into Results.

REWard for your specialty market expertise

Brokers and other intermediaries are in a strong position to capitalize on Roundstone’s program and captive services. Because of their front row seat to the insurance transaction, it is quite often the broker who first sees the opportunities to grow and capture underwriting returns. Specialty insurance is built on the intermediaries’ expertise in a particular insurance market segment. Combining the broker’s market expertise with the necessary services provided by Roundstone allows the program opportunity to be realized. Roundstone delivers expertise in disciplines in which intermediaries may not typically engage. If you are a broker or producer, the following terms and requirements for delivery of an effective insurance program may sound unfamiliar:

  • Ceding Commission
  • Captive Aggregate Attachment Point
  • Run-Off v. Cut-Off Liability
  • Unearned Premium Reserve
  • Schedule F Collateral
  • Deferred Acquisition Costs
  • Schedule M


If so, why not let Roundstone provide insight into these key program terms and make sure your program has the most attractive economic terms in the marketplace?  You know better than anyone, pennies count with any insurance transaction. Make sure you are not inadvertently leaving nickels and dimes on the table.  Roundstone offers intermediaries a rare combination of practical and technical captive insurance program knowledge that assures you are positioned to realize all of the rewards available from your specialty market expertise.


realizing favorable outcomes

Associations or groups require a unique and rare knowledge of insurance. Challenges involving development, organizing and risk sharing are only a few of the intricacies of an association captive program. Roundstone’s program and captive services offer group or associations the opportunity to quickly answer many of their concerns when looking to start or manage an insurance program for their members.  An association may have questions in areas such as:

  • Coverage Design
  • Product Distribution
  • Program Accounting
  • Claims
  • Loss Control
  • Policy Administration
  • Reinsurance
  • Claims
  • Captive Management
  • Regulatory


Exploring these questions for the first time can be daunting. Realizing favorable outcomes is important and best achieved when working with an organization that has done this many times before. Where an association or group requires immediate insurance management expertise, Roundstone delivers.


making the captive market available to you

Why do 90% of the fortune 500 marketplace self-insure? Why do very few middle market companies take advantage of a captive strategy? Here is what some from both sides have said:

“The task of trying to figure out all of the regulation is overwhelming.”
Middle Market Company

“It’s great to access the expertise of Roundstone’s personnel with a phone call.”
Roundstone Captive Customer

“I do not have time or personnel to manage a six month development process.”
Middle Market Company

“Volatility disappears when you apply the proper reinsurance approach.” 
Roundstone Captive Customer

“This is way too difficult understand.”
Middle Market Company

“Roundstone’s programs are ready to go and developed with the best terms available in the marketplace.”
Roundstone Captive Customer

“We save at least 20% with our captive insurance program.”
Roundstone Captive Customer

“Too many moving parts for us to manage.”
Middle Market Company

“Finding the right Captive Manager made everything work turnkey.”
Roundstone Captive Customer

“The volatility associated with a self insurance program is scary.”
Middle Market Company

“We could never understand the mechanics of the captive.”
Middle Market Company

“The control offered by Roundstone’s captive programs made the difference for us.”
Roundstone Captive Customer

Roundstone has been able to develop captive solutions that allow middle market companies to access self- funding insurance methods used by the Fortune 500 to gain control over their insurance costs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you do the same.