Captive Insurance Programs

Captive Success Stories ...

Insurance Company

Roundstone truly understands the importance of listening to our needs and concerns. They are not simply pushing their sales pitch."

Doug Trisinski

Business Owner

I love Roundstone's reporting. I have never seen the level of detail in any financial reporting and I serve on numerous boards and own several businesses."

Joe Bulicki
Business Owner

Nursing Home

I don't know why everyone is not doing this."


Mark Boldekamp
Nursing Home Owner

Texas Agent

Quick answers enabled us to close business. We were able to grow our agency by 30% because of Roundstone's customer focused service."

Brad Foster


It is rare to find an organization with insurance management depth like Roundstone."


Anthony Spanagle


With Roundstone, I built an agency from a few thousand to millions in commission income. They proved to be invaluable to our business."

Jonas Tanketti
Agency Owner

Southeast Wholesaler

We spent two years trying to accomplish what Roundstone delivered in a week. Our only regret is we did not call Roundstone five years ago."

Tim McCarthy


I cannot express how fantastic it feels to pick up the phone and obtain ready access to professional insurance managers. No matter what the question, Roundstone delivers. "

Johnathan Roberts

east coast Broker

Roundstone's experience made the program development process organized and timely. It certainly helps working with people who have done it before. "

Jim Colvati


I still wonder why everyone is not doing it the Roundstone way. Their professional approach delivers results. "

Paul Timbers
Vice President


Rounstone turns a very complicated endeavor into a straightforward solution. Transparency and a well-thought out process make Roundstone a pleasure to deal with."

Tim Reynolds
Board member