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April's Bio


Share knowledge, do your research, be an investigator, use every resource, strengthen your co-workers at every chance and don’t forget to be grateful and smile"

April Bucci

Cost Containment Specialist


Former medical assistant, former medic, IWU grad and currently sending good vibes out for acceptance into GWU’s grad school.


As far back as I can remember…healthcare revenue cycle for 23 years.


Luca (my son), hockey, writing/journaling, sports spectator, reading, baseball, foodie, live music, crafting, boating, traveling, life is beautiful!

Can't live without:

my boys, my hat, my iPhone, Sportscenter, newspapers, podcasts, and music.


Little Known Fact About You:

I’ve been to over 750 concerts. I’ve had 47 stitches in my face from getting smooshed by a golf ball.

Happiest Moment:  

April 7, 2008

Favorite Holiday and Why:  

Memorial Day – Our beautiful city comes out of hibernation and it’s around my birthday; it reminds me of a privilege denied to many both in freedom and another year on this planet, additionally it is usually the start of aquatic season.

Million Dollar Wish: 

To build and operate an inner city facility that empowers women and children, especially domestic violence victims, giving them a fresh start and teaching them life tools to be independent using the power of positive thinking.

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